Customs For Meeting People For The First Time In Spanish-speaking Countries

Meeting people for the first time

When you are introduced to someone, the conventional equivalent of 'Pleased to meet you,' is Encantado (for a man) and Encantada (for a woman) after hearing the other person's name. Mucho gusto is also common in this situation (men and women).

In Spain in an informal context, you can expect to use the tú form immediately. When in doubt, the best thing is to listen to the form people use to address you and follow their lead. See the social survival tips for Talking to people : Familiar and polite forms.


The usual way for two women or a man and a woman to greet someone they know well, or have been introduced to, is by kissing them first on the right and then the left cheek. Men shake hands as a greeting and when going their separate ways.

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