Three-letter Words Containing "X" Or "Z"

This is a list that may come in handy when playing word games, or completing a crossword. If challenged to think of three-letter words containing x or z, common words like box, six, zip, andzoo would doubtless come to mind - but you probably wouldn’t be able to come up with forty-six answers.

Here are all forty-six three-letter words containing x or z, in alphabetical order. The list includes such unusual terms as dzo (a crossbreed of a cow and a yak), lux (a unit of illumination), and saz(a kind of lute).   

axea chopping tool
boxa container
coxthe person who steers a rowing boat
cozarchaic a cousin
duxScottish a top pupil at school
dzoa crossbreed of a cow and a yak
faxan electronic copy of a document
feza type of hat
fixto attach or repair
foxan animal
hexN. Amer. to cast a spell on someone
kexcow parsley
laxnot strict or careful enough
loxN. Amer. smoked salmon
luxa unit of illumination
mixto blend or combine
paxa call for a truce
poxa disease
pyxa container for Communion bread
Rexthe reigning king
saxa saxophone
saza kind of lute
sexbeing male or female
sixthe number
taxmoney paid to a government
tuxa tuxedo
Uzia type of sub-machine gun
vexto annoy
voxvocals; voice
waxsubstance used to make candles etc.
wiz= whizz
zaga sharp change of direction
zapto destroy
zedthe letter Z
zeeN. Amer. the letter Z
Zena type of Buddhism
ziga sharp change of direction
zipa fastener
zita spot
zolS. African a hand-rolled cigarette
zooa place where wild animals are kept

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