Random Questions About Language

Is A Banana A Fruit Or A Herb?

Surely the banana is a fruit, isn't it? The answer is not quite as clear cut as you might have thought.

Is A Coconut A Nut?

Since it's called coconut it must be a nut, right? The answer actually depends on who you'd ask this question.

Is A Daddy-long-legs A Spider?

There are actually three different creatures which go by the name of daddy-long-legs. Are they all spiders? If not, how would they be classified?

Is a jellyfish a fish?

The key's in the name – or is it? Are jellyfish actually fish? This article explains why not.

Is An Olive A Fruit?

Are olives fruits or vegetables? The answer depends on who you ask. Here we discuss the controversy, and explain what it means to offer someone an olive branch.

Is a nut a fruit?

Liven up the small talk next time you're passing round nuts at a party with an informed answer to that essential question – is a nut a fruit?

Is a penguin a bird?

Penguins can't fly, and we typically associate birds with soaring through the air – which begs the question: are penguins really birds?

Is a rabbit a rodent?

Does the rabbit belong to the same family as mice, guinea-pigs, and chipmunks? It's a little more complicated than that.

Is a thumb a finger?

Have you ever wondered whether a thumb was a finger or something else entirely? No? Well, we have got the answer anyway.

Is A Tomato A Fruit Or A Vegetable?

The confusion about whether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable arises because of the differences in usage between scientists and cooks. We shed some light on the issue.

Is a turtle a reptile?

Is a turtle a reptile or an amphibian? Learn about the difference between those two types of cold-blooded creature, and how the use of the term 'turtle' differs between US and British English.

Is a whale a mammal?

Why do we class whales as mammals rather than as fish? Here's a short explanation.

Is a yam a sweet potato?

Can a yam be classified as a sweet potato? The answer to this question may vary depending on where you're from.

Is a zebra a horse?

Zebras aren't merely striped horses. Learn more about the Equidae family, and find out what to call the offspring of a zebra and a donkey.

What Is The Oxford Comma?

What is the Oxford comma? It comes in handy in lists – but it might be the most controversial piece of punctuation. Find out why in our blog post and video.