Translation of me in English:


me, pron.

Definition of me ( US English | UK English )

personal pronoun

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    me mandaron una postal they sent me a postcard
    • me han robado el reloj I've had my watch stolen
    • ?me lo prestas? will you lend it to me / lend me it?
    • me arregló el televisor he fixed the television for me
    • me lo quitó he took it off me / away from me
    • me fue imposible asistir it was impossible for me to attend
    • me miré en el espejo I looked at myself in the mirror
    • me hice una chaqueta I made myself a jacket
    • me terminé el libro en un día I finished the book in a day
    • me equivoqué I made a mistake
    • me alegro mucho I'm very pleased
    • se me murió el gato my cat died
    • no te me vayas, que quiero hablar contigo don't go away, I want a word with you
    • el nene no me come/duerme my baby won't eat/sleep