Translation of don/do?a in English:


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    • The words don, for men, and do?a, for women, are courtesy titles used before someone's name, when they are being spoken or written to. They are used for someone who is senior professionally, in age or socially. Do?a is usually used only for married or widowed women, except in official documents, when it refers to any woman. Don and do?a always precede a person's first name. "?Se va ya, don Juan?" When talking about a third person you can use don and do?a before their first name, which is followed by their surname: "Don Juan Montesinos". In correspondence, don and do?a can be abbreviated to D. and Dn., or D?a. and Da, respectively, and can be preceded by the appropriate title se?or or se?ora: "Sr. Dn. Juan Montesinos"; "Sra. D?a. Ana Castellón".