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  • A synthetic resin which is a polymer of styrene, used chiefly as lightweight rigid foams and films.

    ‘these plaques are molded in black polystyrene’
    • ‘a polystyrene cup’
    • ‘The polymer polystyrene contains the phenyl group as part of its repeat unit.’
    • ‘The process uses a polymer formed through a chemical bonding of polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate.’
    • ‘All polystyrene and polyurethanes are combustible regardless of grade.’
    • ‘The polystyrene foam is often cut into shapes with chain saws and saber saws.’
    • ‘In this process, water passes through a media bed, usually sulfonated polystyrene beads.’
    • ‘An assortment of half-empty aluminium trays and polystyrene cups were festering on top of the washing up along with empty lager cans.’
    • ‘Bees were caught by placing transparent polystyrene cups over the nest entrance.’
    • ‘As we chat the vast hall fills with some 260 soldiers ready to breakfast on instant coffee from polystyrene cups.’
    • ‘Does anyone, anywhere, know of a use for polystyrene cups with no bottoms?’
    • ‘The PVA solution was deposited in polystyrene molds under the force of gravity in a darkened room.’
    • ‘Rumours that proposed production lines feature polystyrene moulds have yet to be disproved…’
    • ‘The resulting spark can ignite the Pentane vapour liberated from the expanded polystyrene block by the cutting operation.’
    • ‘This is because polystyrene is a flammable material that gives off a toxic black smoke in the event of a fire.’
    • ‘In Asia, rice husks have been used as an organic replacement for polystyrene packaging and in fireproof building materials.’
    • ‘It is naturally found in sediments, and adhesion data for glass and polystyrene are available.’
    • ‘Sitting on concrete piles and a sea of polystyrene that keeps it from sinking into the bog, the track is another triumph in a resurgent era for the Chinese people.’
    • ‘Extruded polystyrene also has excellent resistance to moisture absorption.’
    • ‘We found polystyrene to be the most suitable compound for this purpose.’
    • ‘But polystyrene will soon have a new role in life - supporting thousands of motorists driving over soft ground.’
    • ‘Cycle helmets are made of polystyrene and offer minimal protection.’



/?p?lē?stī?rēn/ /?pɑli?sta??rin/