Definition of calamitously in English:



See calamitous

‘If Carey has done something so calamitously wrong that this severe a punishment is handed out then damn him.’
  • ‘People have suddenly and calamitously, for the stores concerned, stopped shopping.’
  • ‘The television network was forced, calamitously, to admit that the memos at the heart of the story were probably forged.’
  • ‘When these expectations collapse, the bubble bursts, and the price falls calamitously for those still holding the asset.’
  • ‘It was the one place in all the world where our calamitously scattered and tormented family could be together, in a cobbled and more or less cheerful mosaic.’
  • ‘Now, calamitously, your mother is likely to be so insecure and desperate that she wants to be your best friend.’
  • ‘They are propaganda in which the media has played the most calamitously bad role in its history, egging the people on to war.’
  • ‘It is intended to re-occupy the territory so calamitously vacated by that particular political party of late.’
  • ‘The prime minister has most calamitously deceived himself.’
  • ‘Your football club has arch-rivals and you will be looking out for in the hope that they'll lose calamitously.’
  • ‘When we meet earlier in the day at his office close to Harley Street, he apologises at least six times for wearing something so calamitously uncool as a pinstripe suit.’
  • ‘It's inspired by horror movies in which the insect population is calamitously augmented in size and belligerence by nuclear testing.’