Definition of cakebox in English:



  • 1A storage container for a round layer cake, with a surrounding cover that protects and preserves the cake.

    ‘She has gilded all the cakeboxes, and ordered fondue sets for everyone to take home as favors.’
    • ‘It's called the Shoebox Project, though the boxes are actually more like small cakeboxes.’
    • ‘The last cake, which I sent at the arrival of a new baby girl, was so appreciated and loved and the recipient wrote to me in her thank you note that she has already ordered three cakeboxes for others!’
    • ‘I suggest you order 10 of those nifty cakeboxes for $6-to store your projects.’
    1. 1.1A similarly shaped package for blank, recordable compact discs, with a central spindle on which discs are stacked.
      ‘Instead they are sold in spindle packs or cakeboxes, where the discs are stacked on a central spindle.’
      • ‘Memorex offers a large selection of pack sizes and configurations, including jewel cases, slim jewel cases, paper sleeves, bulk and cakeboxes ranging from 5 packs to 100 packs.’
      • ‘I could use a few 100-disc cakeboxes to store them and to store the burnt discs.’
      • ‘Do I have to return the cakeboxes to RipZ?’
      • ‘All of our cakeboxes are on the innerside protected with PI, a plastic coating.’
      • ‘They sell cakeboxes for good prices, and there is no minimum order.’
      • ‘Store your CD or DVD disc media in our cakeboxes, design your own labels to complement your master or product and more.’
      • ‘Duplicated DVDs are supplied on spindles or in cakeboxes.’
      • ‘I've got discs all over the place - horizontal, vertical, sunny side up, sunny side down, in hard cases, in sleeves, in cakeboxes!’
      • ‘Instructions on ‘building’ a cakebox are available to member institutions upon request.’



/?kāk?b?ks/ /?ke?k?bɑks/