Translation of wrangler in Spanish:


vaquero, n.

Pronunciation /?r??ɡ(?)l?r/ /?ra?ɡl?/

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    vaquero masculine
    cowboy masculine
    • He and a dozen other Alisal Guest Ranch wranglers have only a couple of hours to catch and saddle 63 horses for guests going on this morning's breakfast ride.
    • With two wranglers and six horses all we needed now were reservations!
    • A ‘lunger,’ his tuberculosis kept him from active fighting in the Civil War but he served as a horse wrangler.
    • Alisal Guest Ranch wrangler and cowboy poet Jake Copass, 82, is a link to an earlier era of ranching in the area.
    • Armed with his expert eye and trusty cell phone, top horse wrangler Thomas Saunders V, of Weatherford, Texas, traveled thousands of miles to search for this year's Road to the Horse herd.
    • Howard teams up with ‘Silent’ Tom Smith, an eccentric horse wrangler whose days as a cowboy have ended with the demise of the wild west.
    • Although wranglers are often found listed among dude ranch jobs, there's a lot more to the daily operation of a dude ranch than roping cattle.
    • There's plenty of horses and a few dogs to pat and the wranglers can answer about any question you may have about the cowboy way of life.
    • Next morning, I joined a walking ride and the cowboys, or wranglers, as they call them here, gave me a very docile horse.
    • We quickly developed a daily routine: over a lavish breakfast of steaming omelets (no cowboy coffee and gravy-soaked biscuits here), a wrangler would help us plan our day.
    • While Cody, Wyoming, artist Thomas Molesworth was no Wild West cowboy, he did have an idea of how a wrangler should live.
    • The wranglers were brilliant horsemen and treated their horses with respect and affection.
    • Beneath the darkening sky, wranglers make final adjustments to harnesses and jingling bells as the teams of locomotive-size draft horses shift impatiently, clouds of steam puffing from their noses.
    • These two Tennessee-born wranglers have spent the past 20 years riding the southern Sierra.
    • Halfway through dinner on our last night, a young wrangler with a winning smile stood up to announce that, a few minutes after dessert, there would be a full-moon cross-country outing to the Homestead Cabin.
    • But, in order to register the team I had to pay 70 thousand dollars, without counting the pony wrangler's salary and all the rest of it.
    • The wrangler stepping into that welcoming circle of firelight is Kid Russell himself, young again in memory.
    • He has worked as an editor, copywriter, lecturer, careworker, sheep wrangler, bookshop assistant and supply teacher.
    • The next morning, I went for a ride with one of the wranglers.
    • Guests can lend a hand with ranch chores if they like, baling hay and moving cows to new pastures, all the while swapping stories with Brad McCarthy, the engaging, knowledgeable head wrangler.