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ilimitado, adj.

Pronunciación /??n?l?m?d?d/ /?n?l?m?t?d/

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    (not restricted)
    (money/supply/powers) ilimitado
    12 months unlimited mileage warranty 12 meses de garantía con kilometraje ilimitado
    • The penalties increase to a possible five-year jail term and/or unlimited fines on indictment before a higher court.
    • No state officials or judges will be allowed to serve in the chamber, but members will be able to serve an unlimited number of two-year terms.
    • Fortunately, for $22, you get an unlimited quantity and a cool metal Coke thermos.
    • It seems like these insurgents have unlimited resources, in terms of personnel, weapons and money.
    • It seems likely that China can supply unlimited quantities of general manufacturing to the world without major wage rises.
    • Now, in theory at least, children could buy unlimited quantities of Spangles, gobstoppers and sweet cigarettes.
    • The staff are usually smart, literate and weird, you can nick unlimited quantities of free books, and it's a great way to meet chicks!
    • Cubans and others on the island can still hold dollars in unlimited quantities and can change them into pesos before the new policy takes effect.
    • The prospect of an unlimited quantity of small bombs was causing too much panic.
    • Bread was available at subsidised prices in unlimited quantities to all Egyptians.
    • Bulgarian yoghurt will not be exported in unlimited quantities to the European Union, but will continue to be sold there under an annual quota.
    • Members of both houses may be re-elected to an unlimited number of terms.
    • The powers bestowed by this statute are completely unlimited, restricted by no law or institution.
    • That means that fish from those waters are not safe to eat in unlimited quantities.
    • It is the wholesale market trading as it does unlimited quantities, that is privileged to make that determination.
    • The key criticism is over the government's plan to restrict jackpot machines offering unlimited cash prizes to only the largest casinos.
    • A bottle of beer or unlimited quantity of Pepsi is also offered to wash down the spicy tangy stuff.
    • There was almost unlimited overtime available so that those who wished to work their rest days could take home a very fat pay packet at the end of the week.
    • They want unlimited resources to be available to everyone, at any time, no matter the cost.
    • Six courts three hard and three shale plus five floodlit, are available with unlimited use when all balls are provided at no extra cost.
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    (partnership/liability) ilimitado
    • This is because these retailers, along with a number of other top businesses, are unlimited companies.
    • The supermarkets are ultimately owned by Tokski, an unlimited company which is not required to file accounts.
    • He and his wife are directors of the unlimited company Austin C Murray.
    • The Bureau edition is for unlimited companies making it suitable for those in the business of providing payroll outsourcing services.
    • Treasury Holdings, the largest private developer in the country, has become an unlimited company.
    • Just how much money Glen Dimplex makes is a closely guarded secret as it is an unlimited company and it has to file only the most cursory of accounts.
    • Dunloe Ewart, which Carroll took over two years ago, was also converted into an unlimited company last year.
    • They are unlimited companies and do not have to file annual accounts.
    • Stafford is an unlimited company and therefore not required to file returns.
    • The fourth-generation family business, an unlimited company until three years ago, has been expanding by acquisition.
    • Since 1892 it has been registered under the Companies Acts as an unlimited company without share capital.
    • On 10th May 1893 it registered under Companies Act 1862 as an unlimited company.