Traducción de spry en Espa?ol:


lleno de vida, adj.

Pronunciación /spra?/ /spr??/

adjetivo spryer, spryest

  • 1

    lleno de vida
    • She is so spry, alert, and enthusiastic that it is difficult to imagine you are talking to a woman in her sixties.
    • James Henry Clark is pretty spry for a man whose caddie career began in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and has spanned eight decades.
    • A small, spry woman of about sixty, she works as a home care nurse.
    • Mrs Rendell, who has been a widow for 50 years, is still spry and active, despite a recent leg problem caused by a fall.
    • There are times when he seems like a spry elderly relative, animated by the prospect of telling old stories to a fresh audience.
    • He'd even led me up a flight of stairs, singing a little ditty, seemingly spry and agile and as dapper as any day in his six decades as an entertainer.
    • The Hay diet - actually more a way of eating than a diet in the accepted sense - is still having its praises sung by spry 95-year-olds with amazing skin.
    • Flew is a spry 81, sitting in the living room of his Reading home proclaiming he is ‘willing and eager ‘to explain himself.’
    • Amongst the cast is 84-year-old choreography legend Merce Cunningham - playing the part of Sate - living proof, if it were needed, that a lifetime in dance helps keep you spry.
    • These days, spry and tan at 76, he lives in Brussels, where he runs a committee that is drawing up a pan-European constitution, but he still likes to talk up the ancestral homeland.
    • My hostess is a spry 81-year-old sporting a perilous arrangement of blue-tinted hair which hints at her past as proprietor of a West End salon called Lilian's.
    • The spry, sparky gent returned to his native Istanbul after a stint in the mid-1990s as director of the Centre for Curatorial Studies Museum at Bard College.
    • We are in the Museum Gardens, and the spry 79-year-old is giving me the official guided tour of York.
    • Stooped but spry, he has the look of a mischievous garden gnome.
    • He is aged 77 and looking very spry with it, I must say.
    • On through the forest I strolled, passing a group of spry elderly women with yellow bags and hemp sandals.
    • A spry veteran in grey uniform emerged from the shadows, grabbed his rifle and we squeezed in together.
    • At 52, Moore is still a spry, spunky performer giving all manner of well-rehearsed guitar hero poses.
    • A spry and quick-witted woman that, although in her mid-fifties, still didn't act a day over twenty-five, she had been, and always would be, the person that I truly looked up to the most.
    • A revealing interview with The Scientist, simply titled ‘Ernst Mayr, Darwin's Disciple,’ shows how spry he continues to be at age 99.