Translation of sale in Spanish:


venta, n.

Pronunciation /se?l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(act of selling)

      venta feminine
      • Some money from every sale goes towards the efforts of the Band Aid Trust in Africa.
      • Money from each book sale will go to the Alice Rose Trust which supports sick children.
      • Privatization without flotation on the stock market means either a management buy-out or sale by tender.
      • The land sale provided enough money to enable the council not only to buy a site suitable for the new school but also pay for its construction.
      • Mr Witham said the association will use the money from the property sale to buy a smaller, more modern property.
      • The Gazette helped produce the calendar and all the money from its sale will go directly into the Lydia appeal fund.
      • The London auction house set to sell the painting said it had withdrawn the picture from sale immediately.
      • The money raised from its sale will be used to fund development projects.
      • Mr Noonan is hopeful that the building will generate a large sum of money from its sale.
      • In the case of the Archer family, the farmer needs all the money from the land sale to keep the farm going.
      • Money from the share sale will be used to pay off debt and fund future productions.
      • It is a condition of sale that tickets are not sold on for more than their face value.
      • In sale and leaseback, capital is freed up to put into the main activities.
      • The sale marked the first time a Chinese bank has sold assets that backed loans.
      • Amongst the conditions of sale is proof by prospective purchasers of the availability of funds.
      • When the holding of an auction was approved and the place and time were agreed upon, the notary drew up the conditions of sale.
      • But the conditions of sale are quite clear that the tickets cannot be resold.
      • We also expect sale and leaseback to prove popular as companies seek to realise maximum value from their assets.
      • Check the terms and conditions of sale to ensure that your copyright is not infringed in any way.
      • I consider that it is important to achieve a sale quickly, as prices will probably be affected by the glut of sales.

    • 1.2(individual transaction)

      venta feminine
      to make a sale vender algo
      • I haven't had a single sale this morning no he vendido absolutamente nada esta ma?ana
      • all sales final no se aceptan devoluciones

    • 1.3(demand, market)

      there's no sale for that kind of thing here ese tipo de cosa aquí no tiene salida / no se vende bien

    • 1.4(auction)

      subasta feminine
      remate masculine Latin America
      • She regularly holds sales and other fundraising events and has raised thousands of pounds.
      • Half of the total has been collected from auctions, sales, coffee mornings and other events at the church in Otley Road.
      • The next fundraising event is an indoor sale to be held at Melksham Labour Club on February 22.
      • Fundraising events included a giant sale at Marshfield, lunches, jumble sales and coffee mornings.
      • KIND-hearted youngsters are organising a bring and buy sale to raise money.

    • 1.5on saleBritish (offered for sale)

      antique dolls will be on sale se venderán mu?ecas antiguas
      • on sale now at leading stores ya está a la venta en los principales comercios
      • the new model goes on sale this week el nuevo modelo sale a la venta esta semana

  • 2

    • The average price recorded from the time the sales started in the period under review was $1.89 per kilogramme.
    • Then (this is one from earlier today) I might be asked to choose a date for a chain of shops to start their sales.
    • There are long, lingering closing down sales at the two rental shops nearest to my flat, and the local Blockbuster is emptier every time I go there.
    • 2.1(clearance)

      rebajas feminine
      liquidación feminine
      (price) (before noun) de liquidación
      end of season sale rebajas / liquidación de fin de temporada
      • going-out-of-business sale rebajas por liquidación del negocio
      • closing-down sale rebajas por liquidación del negocio
      • I bought it at a sale or in the sales lo compré en una liquidación / en las rebajas
      • sale items / goods artículos de liquidación

    • 2.2on saleUS (at reduced price)

      the collection goes on sale next month la colección se subastará el mes que viene
      • toys are on sale this week esta semana los juguetes están rebajados / en liquidación
      • on sale for $25, reduced from $45 rebajado de 45 a 25 dólares
      • I bought the dress on sale compré el vestido rebajado

  • 3sales plural

    • 3.1(volume sold)

      volumen de ventas masculine
      ventas feminine
      (figures/promotion/campaign) (before noun) de ventas
      sales forecast previsión de ventas
      • The overall annual quantity of our beef sales to Egypt when translated into live cattle equivalent amounts to 450,000 animals.
      • But when prices fall, sales generally increase, offsetting some of the decrease in revenue.
      • The fear is that corporate profits have been boosted by cost cutting, not increased sales and prices from a revival of the economy.
      • However, expectations are extremely high for the year ahead such that three of four repair shops are expecting sales to increase.
      • It seems that this year's photography sales have started pushing prices into areas once traditionally associated with paintings or sculpture.
      • The fall of the dollar has further weakened the company because the value of its US sales were reduced when converted back to euro.
      • Combine quick load times with great products as well as great prices and your sales will start to sky rocket.
      • If it is priced wisely, Octavia sales next year should increase even further.
      • All divisions reported increased sales and either reduced losses or improved earnings.
      • While Nan Fung achieved solid sales by cutting prices, market sources said other developers were unlikely to follow suit.
      • Conflicting evidence suggests that swapping music either increases or reduces CD sales.
      • A survey released by the CBI has revealed that traders nationally are facing a slower festive period with sales not as high as last year.
      • The shop targets to achieve sales worth Rs.23 crores during the current financial year.
      • Margiotta said figures for the current year would show increases and that sales at its new shop in Dundas Street were above target.
      • Marks and Spencer reported its first increase in quarterly clothing sales for nearly three years with sales in Irish shops still on the rise.
      • Over a period of time, the increase in sales starts to slow down and this is known as the maturity stage.
      • The company says that on an annualised basis it will reduce sales and marketing costs by £15 million a year.
      • Imagined relationships are a part of the TV shopping channel experience that increases sales.
      • Profits in Spain and Poland were reduced by price cuts, and sales also slipped in Belgium and Ukraine.
      • Larger music companies say they'll reduce prices on the coolest CDs in an effort to boost sales and reduce piracy.

    • 3.2(department)

      (+ singular verb) ventas
      (department/manager/executive) (before noun) de ventas
      she works in sales trabaja en ventas
      • the sales force el personal de ventas
      • sales prospect candidato
        posible cliente
      • sales target objetivo de ventas
      • We play but a support role in the most important aspect of the promotional products business: sales.
      • Each of these groups has its own business manager, sales manager and product development manager.
      • The retail sales report can be compared to the sales activity of a publicly traded company.