Translation of rugger in Spanish:


rugby, n.

Pronunciation /?r?ɡ?r/ /?r?ɡ?/

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    rugby masculine
    • In his youth Jack had been active in hockey, rugger and tennis.
    • He played rugger for the Police from 1953 and his last year was under my first captaincy of the Police team in 1963.
    • One should have thought, I wish I had a father to teach me how to play cricket or to play rugger or something like that but I never thought about it.
    • Do you plan to come back from the Games brimming with wholesome stories of vigorous games of rugger fought, won and lost with honour on the field?
    • He also played rugger at college and founded a baseball team.
    • They played rugger in Michaelmas Term, hockey in Lent Term, cricket in Summer Term.
    • Yet, when it comes to rugger, league is still king in Australia.
    • Stanhope is a natural leader, captain of rugger at his public school, but promoted beyond his tender years.
    • We didn't think rugger was that popular in Germany.
    • How ironic it was, my father said, that as a young man he dreamed that his baby son would grow up to be a famous surgeon and play rugger for Scotland.
    • A leading British school plans to ban rugger, partly because of concerns over injuries.
    • Meanwhile, the school's rugger players took part in a tag festival at Sparrows Den.
    • He led me through to the billiards room, where pictures, mostly rugger teams, decorated the walls.
    • But after his parents whisked him from under the noses of football scouts to a rugger school, he tackled his new sport with determination and flair.