Translation of residence in Spanish:


residencia, n.

Pronunciation /?r?z(?)d?ns/ /?r?z?d(?)ns/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(in a country)

      residencia feminine
      to take up residence fijar su (or mi etc.) residencia
      • residence permit permiso de residencia
      • Domicile combines the fact of residence with the intention of not moving in future.
      • They will be eligible to permanent residence after living five years in South Korea.
      • The issue of loss of residence was balanced by the fact that they would create at least 15 jobs through the venture.
      • Members pay a yearly fee on a sliding scale, depending on age, occupation, and residence.
      • As mentioned, the parties filed an agreed statement of facts as to the children's residence and expenses.
      • Nevertheless, residence is something which has to be established on the facts of a particular case.
      • That would be inconsistent with his second point that habitual residence is a question of fact.
      • A UK resident can rely on main residence relief to avoid capital gains tax.
      • Like others in the building he was not a recent arrival in France - most of the inhabitants had residence permits and jobs.
      • Now, that depended on a finding of fact about his nationality or a finding of fact about a right to residence in another country.
      • Because of their status they were allowed to apply for Irish citizenship after three-year residence.
      • I don't know if this is just specific to my little area of residence or if it's celebrated the world over.
      • Just the week before another boy just like these two, another war orphan, was granted permanent residence.
      • He cannot be required to show a driver's license or any other evidence of his identity or residence.
      • The couple established residence in a grand home with a view of the harbor.

    • 1.2 formal (in building)

      residencia feminine
      to take up residence instalarse
      • the Queen is in residence at the Palace la Reina está en palacio
      • the artist/doctor in residence el artista/médico residente
      • They are there in case one day someone again wants to live in the house as a private residence and restore it to its original condition.
      • Residence in Canadian cities is generally private rather than communal, dominated by private homes or residences.
      • However, he and his wife built two of the grandest private residences in the country.
      • Last Tuesday, the railway station was broken into and there were attempted burglaries at two private residences in the area.
      • By 1941 he had built at least 37 buildings as well as numerous private residences.
      • Originally built as an artillery fort in the 1530s, it was converted to a private residence in the 1880s.
      • The building itself was built in 1607 as a private residence, but it was in use as an inn by 1775.
      • It was his private residence and he reportedly put it up for sale when he left in 1861.
      • The most unusual touches, though, are decorative finials on the roofs of private residences.
      • For private residences the tax relief is at the standard rate of tax.
      • As well as being defensible strongholds and elite private residences, most castles were also the hubs of estates.
      • Large, permanent residences were built using durable white oak wall posts.
      • The four-bedroom detached residence was guided at £1.7 million.
      • A four-bedroom semi-detached residence in a quiet area is all someone with a family will be looking for.
      • Number 31 is a three-bedroom Victorian residence situated in a quiet tree lined street of terraced houses.
      • Your principal private residence does not attract any capital gains tax and could provide useful cash.
      • "This is a superb country residence which has real character.
      • There's an imposing sandstone detached residence, in an exclusive cul-de-sac, with an extensive refurbishment completed.
      • The single storey residence covers 232 square metres and is in excellent decorative order throughout.
      • The residence on three acres was bought by a couple from Dublin.

    • 1.3

      residence hall residencia universitaria / de estudiantes
      • hall of residence residencia universitaria / de estudiantes

  • 2

    residencia feminine
    his official/London residence su residencia oficial/de Londres
    • this attractive Victorian residence is situated … esta encantadora residencia de época victoriana está situada …