Translation of rescue in Spanish:


rescate, n.

Pronunciation /?r?skju/ /?r?skju?/

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    rescate masculine
    (services/team) (before noun) de rescate
    (services/team) (before noun) de salvamento
    to come/go to the/sb's rescue
    rescue attempt intento de rescate
    • rescue work was hampered by the weather el tiempo entorpeció la operación / las labores de rescate / de salvamento
    • In an amazing stroke of luck for the sick patient, all three people who came to his rescue were health workers.
    • Two men passing by dramatically came to their rescue and managed to reach them using the branches from nearby trees.
    • A TEENAGER'S boyfriend came to her rescue when she was dragged to the ground by another youngster on Thursday.
    • She initially passed out, but quickly recovered and tried to hold her brains in for over an hour until someone noticed and came to her rescue.
    • But after a quick sleep it didn't take long before a speedboat came to my rescue.
    • Thankfully, two young girls who worked in the barn came to our rescue.
    • Janet was full of praise for the police officer who came to her rescue.
    • Luckily his shouting disturbed the family of the house who came to his rescue.
    • While he was being attacked, the two police officials came to his rescue.
    • He described being involved in a number of heroic rescues including rescuing a woman from a burning car, saving a child from being run over and preventing an old woman being mugged.
    • The crew were always spared the task so they could save energy for the impending rescue.
    • In order to save lives, we still have rescues and search and rescue operations ongoing.
    • Tens of thousands of workers were involved in the rescue and cleanup effort.
    • Over the years the Air Corps have been responsible for numerous successful rescues.
    • He worked his way up through the ranks - his experiences range from carrying out cliff rescues to passing on knowledge as a training instructor.
    • Residents were furious that they had to organise an attempted rescue of survivors.
    • Let's begin our coverage of the dramatic rescue of nine trapped coal miners in Pennsylvania.
    • "Well, miss, I want to thank you for your daring rescue today.
    • Coastguards from England carried out the rescue off the coast of Cornwall.
    • I had always envisioned a sort of heroic rescue, but those were only dreams.

transitive verb

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    to rescue sb/sth from sth/-ing