Translation of handy in Spanish:


a mano, adj.

Pronunciation /?h?ndi/ /?handi/

adjective handier, handiest

  • 1informal

    • 1.1(readily accessible)

      a mano
      she always keeps a flashlight handy in case of power cuts siempre tiene una linterna a mano por si hay un corte de luz
      • With our prepared boards and favorite thumbnail sketches handy, we were ready to begin.
      • She also has a handy habit of winning close matches.
      • For those without handy access to cameras and/or scanners, do your best.
      • In spite of Mrs Major locking all the doors, back and front and closing all the handy windows… they got in.
      • Their location suggests that the tablets had just arrived or at least been placed together in a special area for handy access to their information.
      • Indispensable accessories must be handy.
      • Leave the squeegee in the bath so it is handy to reach the next time you need it.
      • Since it's coral and you don't have handy access to dead sea creatures, how about treating it like an acronym?
      • Some cases may be sales closers, but there are handy profits available in a gun case display.
      • The logic is that they would also welcome the handy access to a healthy beverage at the same time.
      • They didn't have a handy gauge nearby to tell them how fast they should really be gliding.
      • Nobody is going to forget this is an inner-city development, but it is central and handy for the Heathrow Express.
      • The advantage of mate eating for the female may be that it provides a conveniently handy source of protein for herself and her offspring.
      • Cutaways are useful to shoot when on location as they can be used as handy band-aids in editing.
      • I assume that there were a couple of Secret Service agents handy, but he didn't seem all that well defended.
      • Keep a portable vacuum handy to sweep up loose fibers as you work.
      • They were the usual Kiwi baches, built from whatever was handy, oddly practical, sometimes quaint.
      • At least there's a phone handy to text for an ambulance when they finish up under a 40-tonne truck.
      • A friend of mine used to live in Basildon and having visited him several times there I can only say that there were times that I wished I had a Javelin handy.

    • 1.2(conveniently situated)

      a mano
      to be handy for sth estar / quedar cerca de algo

      • you're very handy for the airport, aren't you?
      the shops are very handy here las tiendas nos (or les etc.) quedan muy a mano
      • It sounds like a handy location, but there's a drawback.
      • What's a progressive professor to do if there are no conveniently handy hate crimes on campus to rail against?
      • You can even try placing Bibles in handy locations around your home as reminders to feed your spirit every day.
      • Its handy location is only walking distance from the town center, beach and all amenities.
      • It was in a handy location, across the street from my first start-up software business.
      • The council wanted a handy city centre venue where younger mums could share a coffee and discuss matters with other people facing similar challenges.
      • We are handy as a regional centre and we don't have tunnel vision.
      • It is centrally located and equally handy for the museum.
      • This is only a four-minute slippery shuffle from the ski lifts, while also being handy for the resort's centre.
      • Hull stand-off Danny Washbrook took full advantage to step through and tie up the scores but centre Kirk Dixon couldn't land the conversion from a handy position.
      • As for horseracing, Clonmel, Thurles, Gowran Park and Cork racecourses are all within a handy drive.
      • The second entrance beside the Craigieburn Stream offers a handy picnic place close to the road.
      • To have such a handy parking spot so close to Croke Park has been a real blessing down through the years.
      • Handforth converted his own try from a handy position to close the gap to 12-6.
      • Because of the high-tech nature of the machine it's very handy for us to access it directly.
      • I spent most of yesterday painting the kitchen, quite a job with only a chair to stand on and a couple of cupboards handy for climbing to reach the roof.
      • If you don't have a ready answer, jot down their question on a handy notepad.
      • Some friends got together, and using a handy nearby barbeque, on several occasions provided food to the patrons.
      • It provided a handy local service for the ‘essentials’ over the years and it was always easy to ramble in to them.
      • This is only part one, so have your bookmark handy.

  • 2informal

    • 2.1(convenient)

      it's quite handy that he can't come after all después de todo, nos viene bastante bien que no venga
      • A Local post office is a vital cornerstone to everyday life, a familiar, handy and extremely useful service.
      • Durable and convenient, this handy reference functions as nicely in an open field with a flashlight as it does spread out on a desk.
      • To help enrich your enjoyment, here is a handy glossary of useful terms…
      • The Story of Film can be read as a continuous narrative, but will be equally useful as a handy reference to dip into.
      • Nonetheless, this book is a useful and handy reference.
      • In my childhood the planetary model of the atom was the way we were thinking of matter; now it has become a metaphor or a handy tool, useful under certain conditions.
      • In a field kit, I have a handy Hoppe's screwdriver handle which stores up to 15 bits.
      • More than just pretty, these bowls have a rubber ring on the bottom to prevent slippage plus a handy little handle and pouring spout.
      • It was convenient, it was handy, it had a wonderful index that allowed you to look things up very quickly.
      • This handy and useful volume, Authors, Texts, Issues, is meant to fill the void by supplying such material.
      • There are situations in which a wireless desktop is handy.
      • The editing functions are also handy, offering a range of useful tools.
      • This was especially true of those nifty seniors who were loud in their praises of this handy bus service.
      • Toast your bread as you deem appropriate, either via the broiler or your everyday handy toaster.
      • Our modern metric units, like the gram or the centimetre, originate from their handy description of everyday quantities.
      • While hard copy is convenient and handy for swatting insects and small dogs, it really is both a business and environmental luxury.
      • Often, as is the case here, it is a handy tool for misdirection or a neat handle from which to hang accusations.
      • So at about 12.30 pm we rang the number listed under ‘Sewerage’ in Craven District Council's handy services booklet.
      • And it comes with this handy song learning function.
      • Moreover, the simple justification of the move - as a necessary evil to achieve the noble end of saving the National Health Service - is a handy argument.

    • 2.2(useful)


  • 3informal

    (cook/gardener) hábil
    (cook/gardener) habilidoso
    he's pretty handy about the house es muy habilidoso / ma?oso para los arreglos de la casa
    • he's handy with his fists enseguida la emprende a pu?etazos
    • But, if the girl in my life doesn't like to cook, I have been single for 23 years and have learned to be quite handy with a skillet.
    • Level headed, a capable bushman, handy with a rifle and a natural with horses, Harry displayed all the attributes of the cream of Australia's youth.
    • He's known to be handy with his fists, has a notorious fondness for fast cars, and now it seems he's a fan of loud music: obviously a prime candidate for an antisocial behaviour order.
    • Clare, who is also handy with the bat and has hit 177 runs so far this campaign, is looking forward to making a name for himself with Lancashire Seconds in an effort to pave a way into the senior side.
    • The incident appears to have done nothing to dent Labour's poll lead, and may even have been a plus in Labour's heartland areas where being handy with your fists is nothing to be ashamed of.
    • Clearly Ricky Swallow is very handy with a chisel.
    • And, a jig saw or coping saw is just about the only tool you'll need, so don't fret if you are not particularly handy with a hammer and saw.
    • He may have been handy with insults, but he was always the kindest, politest, and most generous of colleagues.
    • I was good at that bit, being handy with words and all.
    • Off-screen, Davis also turns out to be handy with weaponry.
    • The fact is, if you're handy with the shears you're probably in high demand and not just entertaining tourists at shows.
    • And if you're handy with phone wiring, it could be your big weekend.
    • The fast bowler, who is also handy with the bat, was the only youngster from the area to be picked for the county team following trials last month.
    • But Blind Fury - where he plays a blind Vietnam vet who is handy with a samurai sword - is dumb in a good way.
    • If you're handy with a chainsaw you can simply carve a seat with a back support straight out of a large tree trunk.
    • So if you are handy with a paint brush or a saw, and are willing to muck in for a few hours we would be keen to hear from you.
    • She's been handy with the needles and wool since the age of six when her mother first showed her how to use them.
    • So if you're not too handy with a hoe, they'll keep on springing up just when you least expect it.
    • Henry Arnold and Ira Eaker were handy with the pen.
    • If you are handy with a jig saw, cut out hearts and stars from thin wood, then paint and hang with raffia for a homespun look, or even easier make your ornaments from salt dough.