Translation of building in Spanish:


edificio, n.

Pronunciation /?b?ld??/

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    edificio masculine
    inmueble masculine formal
    • In my view, it would be illogical and incorrect to describe these two buildings as a house.
    • The few settlements we pass look grey and mean, low stone buildings with grass roofs.
    • One of the plans was for the gallery and museum buildings to be turned into luxury flats.
    • The money will be available to spend on repairing and renovating school buildings.
    • The process of converting and renovating the mill buildings was a long and hard one.
    • The new face of Swindon is emerging as three landmark buildings start to take shape in the town.
    • Historic church buildings in Darwen and Bury are set to get a new lease of life thanks to a cash boost.
    • Fires at the base of the complex of seven office buildings sent heavy smoke throughout.
    • She lost her home and is now living in part of the old railway station buildings in Bajze.
    • We reached our last farm of impressive brick buildings, with a clock tower in a stable yard.
    • It replaces buildings that were so dilapidated the roofs leaked in several places.
    • It is common for major church buildings to show examples from all three of these periods.
    • There are two buildings each with three classrooms and a third houses a small kitchen.
    • The cash will be used to repair roofs and windows and tidy up the appearance of the buildings.
    • Now architects can take a tour around their buildings before the first brick has been laid.
    • The man was standing in the courtyard of one of the larger red brick buildings on the block.
    • It is not fair or right to ask the local church to fund the necessary repairs to decaying buildings.
    • Many of the schools are built on split sites or have outdated Victorian buildings.
    • The buildings across the road from the station are still there, the ones next to it are long gone.
    • In the compound below you could make out the plan of the palace and all the ancillary buildings.
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    construcción feminine
    (materials) (before noun) de construcción
    building contractor contratista (de obras)
    • building industry industria de la construcción
    • building land terreno edificable
    • building lot solar
    • building permit permiso de obras
    • the building trade la industria de la construcción
    • building works obras de construcción
    • Modeling clay and other building materials like blocks can help children explore.
    • Prior to the Civil War, New York City led the nation in steamship and engine building.
    • I spent a few days at his yard, watching the process of designing and building.
    • They are building a reputation as a practice that learns through the process of building.
    • Land occupation, building, trading and health ordinances are ignored by their supporters.
    • Companies were brought in to do the work of building and also to finance the works in the short run.
    • But the housing boom has led to its own problems, as building and trade labour has become scarce and expensive.
    • It said building repairs and wage increases were adding to costs.
    • Bottom ash from the incinerator is used in road building and construction under specified conditions.
    • These plants are increased by building roads, as compacted soil from roads are seed beds.
    • Bitumen and aggregate materials useful for building of highways are well known.
    • There is a very large increase in building of houses in Ballaghaderreen town which is a sign of prosperity.
    • Adjustments are made for changes in construction materials and building methods.
    • Perfectly reusable building materials and fixtures then take up space in landfills.
    • We want to see a dramatic increase in the building of new social homes to help those families in desperate housing need.
    • Afterwards, it will be bulldozed and the sand used as building material.
    • Reused Roman building materials can be seen in the walls of the adjacent Saxon church.
    • Only a minority are cut into sawlog and made into high value furniture, flooring or building materials.
    • Regional variants to the vernacular revival style took account of local materials and building traditions.
    • Shortage of building materials after the First World War caused a renewal of the industry.