Translation of bottle in Spanish:


botella, n.

Pronunciation /?bɑdl/ /?b?t(?)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(container)

      botella feminine
      (of perfume, medicine, ink) frasco masculine
      return empty bottles devuelva los envases
      • a wine/milk bottle una botella de vino/leche
      • a bottle of wine/milk una botella de vino/leche
      • baby's / feeding bottle biberón
      • we must get together over a bottle tenemos que reunirnos para tomar algo
      • bottle rack botellero
      • Do not store poisons in drink bottles, glasses, or jars.
      • Fans inside the Arena had started pelting each other with plastic beer glasses and bottles, and the concert was temporarily halted.
      • She did as she was told and trotted off into the kitchen and she looked around for a glass bottle containing a colorless liquid.
      • Then there's the matter of plastic bottles and glass bottles.
      • Glass and plastic bottles now speed along conveyor belts as creams and liquids are pumped and squirted before lids are fixed and tightened.
      • He sits down behind a desk and takes a drink of pink liquid from his plastic bottle.
      • The bag ripped open and glass beer bottles began rolling into the street.
      • The ban will make it a criminal offence to drink from bottles and glasses outside licensed premises and will come into force from Thursday, April 17, the day before Good Friday.
      • Rinse out drink cans and plastic bottles before putting them in recycling bin instead of burying them under a load of old newspapers.
      • Councillors are expect to give the green light to increasing the number of properties from which it collects plastic bottles, glass, cans and paper, in a fortnightly collection.
      • This means that all newspapers, cardboard and plastic drinks bottles can now be easily disposed of, instead of having these items dumped in landfill sites.
      • The reason for this change in procedure is that the council is now able to send glass and plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans to a plant in Darwen where they are mechanically separated.
      • Now, only my glass and plastic bottles are collected while the other items with the recycling logo are left behind with a yellow sticker telling me these items are not recyclable.
      • A field of Glasgow's finest waiters had to make two laps of the square while carrying a tray, two bottles and glasses.
      • Mr Short says Barnfield accepts Christmas trees, cardboard boxes and electrical appliances, along with glass bottles and drink cans.
      • For the rest of the year, the beach is a disgrace, covered in plastic bottles, broken glass, old tyres and all sorts of unmentionables.
      • The Manchester Evening News launched a campaign three years ago to promote the use of toughened glass and plastic bottles in nightspots.
      • However, in recent years more and more shops have started selling drinks in plastic bottles instead of cans.
      • There's been a lot of talk about whether it's safe to drink out of plastic bottles.
      • The cleaned sand is stored in labelled glass bottles identifying the location where it was found.

    • 1.2(contents)

      botella feminine
      • For example, the alcoholic content of a bottle of wine must be indicated and also its origin and where the wine was bottled.
      • You can check this by sampling a bottle of Bollinger's Vieilles Vignes (ungrafted old vines) against a bottle made from their grafted vines.
      • It being the longest day of the year, I suppose I should have been celebrating some arcane shamanic ritual, but I just put my foot up and finished the remains of a bottle of schnapps.
      • After consuming almost everything there the hall bar's stocks of Bacardi Breezers, Smirnoff Ices and a bottle of Jack Daniels were also raided.
      • We got through a bottle of St Emellion, which doesn't really go with Indian food, but fortified us for the drama ahead.
      • I just remembered, I've got a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red label to sink tonight.
      • She is a self-hating woman who is desperate for the love of her husband, and when it is not returned, she turns to a bottle of whiskey for consolation.
      • And I did exactly what any teenager would do after several pints of yokel-strength scrumpy and half a bottle of Russian paint-stripper.
      • We chose a bottle of Chablis to accompany, finding its medium texture to work with both the white and red meat.
      • For a while we sat on tree stumps next to the grain storage barn, talking with her parents and passing around a bottle of her father's homemade rakia to keep our blood flowing.
      • We've got a bottle of 12-year malt just begging to be tested if you'd like to join us.
      • He made the announcement this morning, saying he made the decision over a bottle of Chardonnay at the weekend after he and wife Helena had decided his time had come to move on.
      • At the end of my experiment, I sat back and nursed a battered palate with a bottle of Spanish cava in an attempt to drive out the demons which had possessed my mouth a short time ago.

    • 1.3 informal (alcohol)

      to go on the bottle darse a la bebida
      • to come off the bottle dejar la bebida
      • As a result, the villagers turn to the bottle, drinking to forget how dreary their lives are.
      • Reading the Government's plans to liberalise the licensing laws could be enough to make anybody turn to the bottle.
      • The minimum age of boys taking to the bottle in The State has fallen to as low as 13.5 years.
      • Fans and family of Mr Howson should take heart; far from seeking solace in the bottle, the strongest stuff he is currently imbibing is tea.
      • More Britons than ever are 'turning to the bottle' to relieve stress - and half the nation isn't sleeping or is grumpy due to stress.
      • But these figures do seem to seriously undermine the slur that the Spaniards lost their bottle after the bombs.
      • So he lost his bottle in the end, and postponed the general election before he had even called it.
      • We started slowly, but we wore them down and they lost their bottle when we were 8-3 up.
      • Some said he lost his bottle, others said he was bought off.
      • But time and again, his greatest triumphs were achieved because he simply had more bottle than anyone else.
      • Keepers in this country aren't given quite as much protection as those on the continent and he will have to show some bottle to come and collect high balls.
      • What impressed me most was his bravery and his bottle.
      • He can hit the ball, pass, score goals, has tremendous bottle and he's got vision.
      • ‘I just think he is a wonderful dog, he's got a lot of bottle,’ said Mr Marsh as he ruffled the ears of his faithful companion.
      • England re-established a bit of credibility over the autumn series, with the performance against the All Blacks showing that they had a bit of bottle.

  • 2British informal

    (courage, nerve)
    agallas feminine informal
    to have a lot of bottle tener muchas agallas informal
    • to lose one's bottle achicarse

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (wine/beer/milk) embotellar
      bottled in France embotellado en Francia
      • bottled beer cerveza en / de botella
      • bottled milk leche en / de botella
      • bottled water agua embotellada

    • 1.2British Cooking

      poner en conserva

  • 2British slang

    (hit with bottle)
    darle un botellazo a