Translation of -fingered in Spanish:


Pronunciation /?f??ɡ?rd/ /?f??ɡ?d/


  • 1

    nimble-fingered/slender-fingered de dedos ágiles/delgados
    • Imagine what sort of pianist a twelve-fingered person would be.
    • Maybe I'm a delusional fantasist who right now is wearing three-fingered white gloves.
    • He brought subtle pianistic colors and fleet-fingered panache to Debussy's magnum chamber opus.
    • Or is it dawn, as Homer described it, rosy fingered?
    • Our light-fingered fig climber commits acts of larceny while the crumb-laden colossus eats his weight in skunk soup and then falls into narcolepsy.
    • Green-fingered gardening and DIY freaks can choose from power tools, workbenches, garden vacs, and shredders.
    • It was now a tangle of grasping arms, each with a single yellow bloodshot eye on a seven-fingered palm and upwards of eight leathery bat wings.
    • Her right arm had got into the swing of things and was making her stubby-fingered little hand contort into delicate fanning movements around her face.
    • It wouldn't surprise me if she kept the mixture handy to clean up after visits from those sticky-fingered grandchildren (of which I was one).
    • We kept a wary eye out for the giant who could squash all of our cream puffs with one blunt-fingered poke.