Translation of -eyed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /a?d/ /??d/


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    green-eyed/large-eyed/almond-eyed de ojos verdes/grandes/almendrados
    • Her last scene is guaranteed to leave you misty eyed.
    • Bleary-eyed soldiers stumbled from their tents.
    • Jane was blonde, blue eyed, and was tall with a pleasing figure.
    • Suddenly Ria walked up, teary eyed.
    • Kurt gave Rick a steely-eyed glare.
    • Nicolatta appeared, tired and sleepy eyed.
    • It's not like I'm a starry-eyed teenager anymore!
    • She has grown up into a tall, brown-eyed beauty.
    • They were energetic, bright eyed, and cheerful.
    • I can see her as a little girl, dreamy-eyed, with a passion for life.