Traducción de -cornered en Espa?ol:


Pronunciación /?k?rn?rd/ /?k??n?d/

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    the three-cornered hat el sombrero de tres picos
    • The 4-cornered box shape is an important shape to any foundation.
    • On the hill where the Bee Man had once pictured a whole village of round houses, a sharp cornered old folk's home loomed large.
    • At the Federal election there was a 3-cornered contest in the vacant seat of Moncrieff.
    • With new buildings, strategically placing windows and eliminating isolated or cornered areas can all make an area safer.
    • We also note that your human groups tend to build, for the most part, the cornered or square habitations — but they do not concentrate power.
    • If you have the older, round cornered panels, there is now a poly panel cap available that will make your panels safer for horses.
    • The earth is a four cornered slab.
    • It's second only to "baby tries to walk and falls down, slamming face into sharp cornered end table."
    • Because when your head is down you forget that there is a heavy and sharp cornered mahogany shelf right about where you've placed your forehead.