Translation of -bound in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ba?nd/

  • 1

    (heading for)
    passengers for the Birmingham-bound train los pasajeros con destino a Birmingham
    • it crashed into the Moscow-bound train chocó con el tren que se dirigía a Moscú
  • 2

    leather-bound encuadernado en cuero
  • 3

    (immobilized by)
    snow-bound paralizado por la nieve
    • Traditionally, they are duty bound to defer to the wishes of their parents.
    • Then you're duty bound to do the right thing so you just do what you're told and get on with it.
    • The Department was duty bound to protect the interests of the members who had contributed to this amount.
  • 4

    (confined to)
    wheelchair-bound confinado a una silla de ruedas