Meaning of zombie bank in English:

zombie bank


  • A financial institution which is insolvent but which continues to operate through government support.

    • ‘To keep today's zombie banks alive, massive amounts of government intervention have been required.’
    • ‘Remember, the longer we live with zombie banks, the harder it will be to end the economic crisis.’
    • ‘This stand-off threatens to create a slew of zombie banks, on life support from the taxpayer, for a prolonged period of time.’
    • ‘Despite booming trading profits posted by some of the larger banks, the bad loan portfolios of zombie banks weigh like a nightmare upon the living.’
    • ‘The zombie banks compete with the healthy banks.’
    • ‘In developing countries, a zombie bank's first line of defense against a silent run is usually to arrange loans from relatively well-informed foreign banks.’
    • ‘They're not going to do a big fiscal stimulus, and they're still keeping alive their zombie banks.’
    • ‘That's because a situation in which banks are insolvent but stay in business means that you have `zombie banks '.’
    • ‘We'll have zombie banks and resulting stagnation like the Japanese.’
    • ‘They kept these sort of zombie banks alive, well enough not to die but not well enough to actually give loans.’