Meaning of x-axis in English:


nounplural noun x-axes

  • The principal or horizontal axis of a system of coordinates, points along which have a value of zero for all other coordinates.

    ‘By drawing a line through the points I could find where they crossed the x-axis, then measure the distance between crossings.’
    • ‘In order to compare the evolution of foraging variables between birds, the x-axis was transformed into a percentage.’
    • ‘Next, the student selects the endpoints for the integral by clicking with the mouse on the x-axis in the graph window.’
    • ‘Sample size (n) for each box plot is provided on the x-axis.’
    • ‘The resulting distribution of the number groups (Y-axis) against the number of sequences per group (X-axis) is shown.’
    • ‘The percentage of genes transcribed at a certain level (y-axis) is plotted against the relative level of gene transcription (x-axis).’
    • ‘Sink populations contributed to the migrant pool in proportion to the value on the x-axis.’
    • ‘Chromosomes I - V are represented across the x-axis.’
    • ‘We constructed credible intervals of different sizes, ranging from 10 to 90 % (x-axis).’
    • ‘The positions of the markers are denoted by solid circles along the x-axis.’
    • ‘Each bar represents the variance among lines within a particular population-size treatment, listed on the x-axis with the control (C).’
    • ‘The boundary between the two regions is indicated on the x-axis for 1 = 0.5.’
    • ‘Trait values defining the frequency classes are given on the x-axes.’
    • ‘The 228 markers used in the genome scan are represented with vertical ticks on the x-axis.’
    • ‘A fraction of the space between the boundary planes is homogeneously occupied with filaments oriented along the x-axis.’
    • ‘Times of species divergence in the x-axis are approximate estimates.’
    • ‘Gene pairs were grouped according to their K s values into bins of width 0.5 whose lower boundaries are indicated on the x-axis.’
    • ‘Allele size in base pairs is given on the x-axis; frequency is given on the y-axis.’
    • ‘The y-axis represents the number of pixels (in arbitrary units) found in a certain range of values along the x-axis.’
    • ‘Then the percentages were multiplied by the factors indicated on the x-axis to determine the cumulative effect on reproduction.’