Meaning of wingover in English:


Pronunciation /?w????v?/


  • A manoeuvre in which an aircraft turns at the top of a steep climb and flies back along its original path.

    ‘The instructors work out almost 90 wingovers, pulling three to four Gs sometimes just around the corners, so you come back and you're sweating and working pretty hard.’
    • ‘The EZ-Rocket performed another series of tight turns, steep climbs, and a wingover maneuver.’
    • ‘As of today we have two confirmed cases of the crossbeam failure on a Combat L. In both cases the crossbeam broke while the pilots were performing aerobatics, in particular wingovers.’
    • ‘In my situation a wingover or loop was possible but I had to decide very quickly.’
    • ‘A properly executed wingover felt like he'd taken the playground swing over the top.’