Meaning of walk it in English:

walk it


  • Achieve a victory easily.

    • ‘they said I'd walk it, so why didn't they vote for me?’
    • ‘But it wasn't a view shared by the Times or the Telegraph, where Steyn stuck to his earlier predictions that Republicans would walk it with a 315 electoral vote victory.’
    • ‘And I probably could have walked it if I hadn't consigned all the really depressing stuff to a dusty corner of the web where you can't see it.’
    • ‘Even so, if the Wasps had played anywhere near as good as they had done in their previous match, against Villeneuve, they would have walked it.’
    • ‘The quiz was all about pop music - so you would have expected the Presley mob to have walked it.’
    • ‘With the Old Firm having walked it for years, the longer this Hearts run goes on the better.’
    • ‘I hope he plays like that in the final because if he does he'll walk it.’
    • ‘Before I'd listened to it again, I thought this'd walk it.’
    • ‘Neither man wins the accolade of being the greatest, although Higgins would walk it if it were down to an unorthodox lifestyle away from the table.’
    • ‘I'll be honest with you: I thought the 1980s were going to walk it this year.’
    • ‘To be honest, I went there the highest-ranked player, and I felt that I should just walk it.’
    sweep, sail, coast