Meaning of wackadoodle in English:


Pronunciation /?wak?du?dl/


(also whackadoodle)
informal US
  • An eccentric or fanatical person.

    • ‘an alarming number of wackadoodles predict the world will indeed end’
    • ‘Who's the wackadoodle that came up with that horrid move?’
    • ‘It seems the lovelorn wackadoodle just can't quit tweeting Alec and his current wife.’
    • ‘Mustaches are bad unless they're on a fun-loving whackadoodle.’
    • ‘This whackadoodle is trying to defend the inexcusable.’
    • ‘You were making some pretty good arguments, until you totally blew up your credibility and made yourself look like just another whackadoodle.’
    • ‘Anyway, if he can beat back and keep some wackadoodles from getting the nomination, then I'll be happy.’
    • ‘How can anyone take conservative ideas seriously when there are wackadoodles like this out there?’
    • ‘The writer wondered how to introduce some "real wackadoodles" for Batman to fight, and had the idea for new weird villains after looking at some old Dick Tracy comics.’
    • ‘They want to sneakily add on to their house, in spite of the zoning that prohibits it, and don't want any "wackadoodles" to interfere.’
    oddity, odd fellow, unorthodox person, character, individualist, individual, free spirit, misfit


(also whackadoodle)
informal US
  • Eccentric or fanatical.

    • ‘he has given credence to a lot of wackadoodle beliefs’
    • ‘This was the most volatile, unpredictable, and just plain wackadoodle nomination contest ever.’
    • ‘Let it be known, I have some whackadoodle friends, so this sort of oddity would be well up their alley.’
    • ‘He's depicting the whole deal as a whackadoodle tale of overgrown children who gesticulate wildly at every opportunity.’
    • ‘Sure, the new parents might be whackadoodle, but could they really be worse than the original?’
    • ‘Slightly whackadoodle but interesting nonetheless, providing one has the time to watch such a documentary filled to the brim with suspect evidence.’
    • ‘These nut-cases buy into every whackadoodle belief that comes down the pike.’
    • ‘The episode opened with wackadoodle Mona singing to another member of the A-Team from her cell.’
    • ‘She's wackadoodle, in the best way possible.’
    • ‘The guy's a wackadoodle fossil and nuclear apologist, making snarky comments about wind turbines and climate change.’
    • ‘His fervor grabs your attention as you wait to hear what wackadoodle theories he'll spout off next.’
    unconventional, uncommon, abnormal, irregular, aberrant, anomalous, odd, queer, strange, peculiar, weird, bizarre, off-centre, outlandish, freakish, extraordinary


1990s from wackadoo.