Meaning of unputdownable in English:


Pronunciation /?np?t?da?n?bl/

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  • (of a book) so engrossing that one cannot stop reading it.

    • ‘‘this book is unputdownable!’ screech the publicists’
    • ‘The Unfortunates by Laurie Graham was my unputdownable book of the year.’
    • ‘Soft-spoken Italians, as Frances Stonor Saunders explains in this superb and quite unputdownable book, found Hawkwood's name impossible to pronounce.’
    • ‘Those who have read Karin Slaughter's previous novels and were looking forward to another unputdownable book will not be disappointed.’
    • ‘The pace and driving momentum of the narrative, meanwhile, regularly render the book unputdownable.’
    • ‘Unfairly, it's his shining niceness that makes the book a little less unputdownable than it might have been.’
    • ‘According to the Guardian's Kathryn Flett, it is ‘a powerful, compulsive, unputdownable television journey’.’
    • ‘Herein lies the unmistakable whiff of a work in progress - and its corollary - the promise of further unputdownable Jamesian intrigue.’
    • ‘Perhaps Grist's greatest success with this book is in creating a genuinely unputdownable comic.’
    • ‘Their objective will be to decide which is the most compulsively readable and unputdownable.’
    • ‘They were tasked with choosing the most compulsively readable, unputdownable of six shortlisted novels, which had been published in paperback, in English, in the last year.’
    • ‘Dan Brown's unputdownable theological thriller should be read as the grandest kind of entertainment out there: a conspiracy that is part history, part fiction.’
    • ‘It's the most unputdownable novel since Sarah Waters' beautifully crafted Fingersmith (Virago).’
    • ‘This is a cracker - an unputdownable, rattling good hunting yarn, where the quarry is books, and the author (as self-deprecating and as amusing as Woody Allen) is the great white hunter.’
    • ‘It is a literary fable, populated with characters who are half escapees from Edward Lear's nonsense verse and half punks, well-crafted and certainly good for anyone wanting an unputdownable read where you might also learn something new.’
    • ‘It is a brilliant study in mortality and mid-20 th-century Englishness, comic and tragic by turns, done with an absolutely natural, unpretentious honesty that makes it unputdownable.’
    • ‘Lazy Ways to Make a Living is the unputdownable story of Rose, an academic, who resigned from her university post because the Dean would not forgive her campaign for the use of the imperative in the department's mission statement.’
    • ‘FX O'Toole's collection of boxing short stories Rope Burns was unique, unexpected and unputdownable.’
    • ‘I first read this in the mid-1980s and found it unputdownable, it is laugh-out-loud in parts, as well as tragic and horrible, all in one glorious mix.’
    • ‘The Philip Pullman is, as ever, unputdownable.’
    • ‘This new, suspense-filled thriller from the acclaimed writer of the TV drama Prime Suspect makes unputdownable holiday reading.’
    engrossing, captivating, absorbing, interesting, enchanting, beguiling, bewitching, enthralling, enrapturing, entrancing, spellbinding, transfixing, riveting, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, engaging, compelling, compulsive, gripping, thrilling