Meaning of ulu in English:


Pronunciation /?u?lu?/

nounplural noun ulus

  • A short-handled knife with a broad crescent-shaped blade traditionally used by Inuit women.

    ‘Stone tools tend to be polished slate rather than chipped stone, and include lanceolate knives, projectile heads, and the ulu transverse-bladed knife.’
    • ‘Converting the tool back-and-forth from an ulu to a hatchet is merely a matter of spreading the locking Zytel handles and reversing them.’
    • ‘Buy an ulu knife to use in your kitchen back home.’
    • ‘She held only her ulu (crescent-knife) in hand.’
    • ‘A small brass pendant shaped like an ulu hung below her chest as she sat in the witness chair, wearing a black and brown sweater and black jeans.’