Meaning of tricycle in English:


Pronunciation /?tr??s?k(?)l/

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  • 1A vehicle similar to a bicycle, but having three wheels, two at the back and one at the front.

    ‘Medium-sized ones include a tricycle or bicycle, scooter, or first in-line skates.’
    • ‘Later, Rama's brother removed the wheels from her tricycle and fixed them to his bicycle.’
    • ‘Bicycles and tricycles with heavy-laden trailers come at you from all angles, and on every street corner someone sits offering a vital puncture-repair service.’
    • ‘Previously, bicycles and tricycles had been allowed to enter the road before 7am and after 5am every day and the whole day at weekends.’
    • ‘Bicycles and tricycles have ferried man around town for decades.’
    • ‘Bicycles, tricycles, scooters and cars are involved in getting water from far and near.’
    • ‘Next to the door was a tricycle with a missing wheel, and no handlebars.’
    • ‘The first one was a picture of a little boy on a tricycle in front of a small house.’
    • ‘The local Society is also looking for a child's tricycle or bicycle with stabilisers on loan for a month.’
    • ‘A little boy on a tricycle darted out in front of them from behind a white picket fence but quickly turned and pedaled away when he noticed them standing above him.’
    • ‘There is even a traffic warden controlled area where pupils who do not park their tricycles and other play vehicles properly get parking tickets.’
    • ‘In their garage are six bicycles and one tricycle but not one car.’
    • ‘She had to dodge three tricycles, a bike, and about five variations of blowup balls just to get to his front porch.’
    • ‘Ask for what you really want - a tricycle for Junior to ride that's so hot you'll be proud to park it in the garage.’
    • ‘Cyclists and delivery tricycles dart in and out of the traffic, threatening the pristine paint jobs of such exotic cars.’
    • ‘Besides bicycles, many families took tricycles from farther counties.’
    • ‘Penny-farthings, tricycles and scooters can be seen in this section.’
    • ‘And third wheels were only good for tricycles and wheelbarrows.’
    • ‘As he was being taken to hospital in a tricycle, men in army fatigues stopped the vehicle and demanded to know if the wounded man was Beltran.’
    • ‘He is on a tricycle and only on one wheel at that, so his position on the pedestal is a bit unbalanced.’
    1. 1.1A three-wheeled motor vehicle for a disabled driver.
      ‘Whizz-Kidz is a national children's charity, which provides customised mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs and tricycles, to disabled children and young people to give them independent mobility.’
      • ‘‘We can transform an unwanted shopper bike into a three-wheel tricycle for someone with a disability,’ she adds.’
      • ‘This is a charity, which helps disabled children through providing mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and tricycles.’
      • ‘My 'car' is my tricycle with 250watt electric assist via a hubmotor on the right rear wheel.’
      • ‘She tried riding a tricycle similar to the one she just received at two different camps for children with disabilities.’


[no object]
  • Ride on a tricycle.

    ‘a small boy tricycled to the end of his driveway’
    • ‘between 1876 and 1892 tricycling attracted thousands of adherents’
    • ‘Yet most of the so-called ‘experienced ‘divers on this trip were tricycling.’’
    • ‘He and his wife, Pauline, a neurologist, enjoyed music, literature, walking, tandem tricycling, and cats.’
    • ‘The prime minister tricycling through St James's Park in a purple velvet poncho must have been a memorable sight.’
    • ‘‘Burro! ‘a tricycling tot would squeak, pedalling up eagerly.’
    • ‘Thanks for Susan Flockhart's profile of the great Colin Guthrie, the tricycling doctor.’