Meaning of tobyman in English:


Pronunciation /?t??b?m?n/

nounplural noun tobymen

  • A man who held up travellers at gunpoint in order to rob them; a highwayman.

    ‘Horse patrols have put these cursed tobymen to flight, but only nearer London.’
    • ‘He was a no less distinguished personage than Tom King, a noted Tobyman of his time, who obtained, from his appearance and address, the sobriquet of the 'Gentleman Highwayman'.’
    • ‘High tobymen had yielded the field to low tobymen, and roadside thieving had lost its traditional panache.’
    • ‘Although his career on the road lasted for less than two years, he made as much noise in the world as any other high tobyman.’
    • ‘Mr. Witherington incontinently fired both pistols point-blank at that scarlet-coated tobyman, but the rascal never so much as flinched under the fire.’
    bandit, brigand, robber, outlaw, ruffian, desperado, plunderer, marauder, raider, ravager, pillager, freebooter, criminal, thug, gangster