Meaning of tackie in English:


Pronunciation /?taki/

nounplural noun tackies, plural noun takkies

(also takkie)
informal South African
  • 1A rubber-soled canvas sports shoe.

    • ‘Since I am sport fanatic I'm more comfortable in track suits and takkies.’
    • ‘She walks into Rosebank Mall in her All Star takkies, longish skirt, tied dreadlocks, a bag across her chest and her little girl running behind or in front of her.’
    • ‘Clad in over-sized T-shirts, track pants and worn-out takkies, the youngsters listen attentively as the trainers at the camp bark instructions on the importance of the upcoming championships.’
    • ‘She has a penchant for dressing for the occasion, looks good in Xhosa traditional dress, school uniform (when education was also her portfolio) and should look rather fetching trotting in a skipper, joggers and takkies!’
    • ‘Dressed in jeans, t-shirts and well-worn takkies, the young girls gather early for practice, chatting to friends and catching up on the latest news.’
  • 2A tyre.


    a piece of old tackie
    South African informal
    • An easy task.

      • ‘tossing a magazine together looks like a piece of old tackie’
      • ‘After you've done this, the rest is a piece of old tackie.’
      • ‘As everyone has a house and a street address the periodic census is a piece of old tackie.’
      • ‘Choosing the best bedroom furniture among the multitude of possibilities isn't a piece of old tackie for the average Joe.’


Perhaps from tacky, with reference to the adhesion of the rubber, or tacky, with reference to their cheapness.