Meaning of stark naked in English:

stark naked


  • Completely naked.

    ‘It's funny how in periods of extreme stress most people seem to have one particular recurring theme in their dreams, it may be dreams about falling, about losing someone they love, or walking down the high street stark naked.’
    • ‘Muriel - ‘tiny and dark’ and stark naked - agreed.’
    • ‘Only a few weeks ago a London jury acquitted a man on a charge of outraging public decency even though he cheerfully admitted that he walked around stark naked, and appeared thus in court.’
    • ‘After a while you can spot criminals so easily that they might as well be stark naked.’
    • ‘He knocked at the 85-year-old woman's door at her home in Sheepridge, Huddersfield, stark naked claiming he had been mugged and his clothes stolen.’
    • ‘When I found it, I discovered I was standing in the corridor outside Nina's room, stark naked, with the need to relieve myself becoming more urgent.’
    • ‘Each worships different deities, with distinctive dress, although some - the naga sadus - go around stark naked.’
    • ‘To play Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale, he made his entrance stark naked.’
    • ‘He further noticed, there was a guy who would sit in his room with the door open, stark naked, eating brownies, while standing on his head.’
    • ‘Part-time amateur actors will be taking to the stage tonight in their latest production - stark naked.’
    completely, totally, utterly, absolutely, downright, dead, entirely, wholly, fully, quite, altogether, simply, thoroughly, truly