Meaning of smokestack in English:


Pronunciation /?sm??kstak/

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  • A chimney or funnel for discharging smoke from a locomotive, ship, factory, etc.

    ‘Jutting from the murky orange sunset behind them, the cathedral's three steeples, flanked by the cupola of the old colonial garrison and the little dome of the city hall, tower over the masts and the smokestacks of ships at anchor.’
    • ‘Instead of viaducts and smokestacks, the dockside arts complex that bears his name is built with shards of sunlight and steel.’
    • ‘He changed power-plant rules affecting emissions, a move favored by industry, and has balked at forcing big ships to clean their smokestack pollutants.’
    • ‘Though it could pull one car, smoke from the diminutive machine drifted through the car, choking out the passengers until an extra-tall smokestack was applied.’
    • ‘After 1953, the only signs of life at the Clarkdale smelter were the demolitionists responsible for toppling the two smokestacks dominating the local skyline in the 1960s.’