Meaning of smartish in English:


Pronunciation /?smɑ?t??/


informal mainly British
  • Quickly; briskly.

    • ‘get over here smartish!’
    • ‘By the time he was within a few yards I was getting slightly wound up and told him to ‘go away’ (I forget my exact words), but he left pretty smartish.’
    • ‘Not that I bought or read it anyway, but I crossed it off my list of ‘Things To Do In My Lifetime’ pretty smartish.’
    • ‘So now I'm back home again… only to have to pack my bag pretty smartish, for tomorrow I will be on my travels again.’
    • ‘If you haven't had a gander at either, get yourselves along smartish.’
    • ‘So I nipped back inside smartish and flipped the switch, then back out to check that it was bubbling away and filling the bowl.’
    • ‘So, thinking that I could sell them for more on eBay, I snapped them up pretty smartish.’
    • ‘But if I had tried to deny that there was any political, cultural or social context for the violence in Ireland, I fancy that I would have been shown the door pretty smartish.’
    • ‘Shevchenko brings a smartish save out of Toldo with a cross that sort of morphed (peerless technical speak, I know) into a shot because the goalkeeper was out of position.’
    • ‘You know simpler is better than complicated and that if someone is speaking a language you can't understand, you'd best get out of there smartish.’
    • ‘If your customers decide that they no longer like what you produce, then you had better produce something else, smartish.’
    • ‘Gravesen attempts a shot on goal and brings a smartish save out of Sylva.’