Meaning of small is beautiful in English:

small is beautiful

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  • Used, especially in environmentalism, to express the belief that something small-scale is better than a large-scale equivalent.

    ‘With water technology, as with just about everything else, small is beautiful.’
    • ‘But is seems that once again, small is beautiful for a growing band of consumers, and Scottish family butchers are leading the counter-attack against what they claim is the shrink-wrapped uniformity of supermarkets.’
    • ‘We have sectors of society for whom the trend is moving away from buying from the big multi-nationals and for whom small is beautiful and local is beautiful.’
    • ‘‘In this business, small is beautiful,’ says Turnbull.’
    • ‘Today, small is beautiful, because, with a little forethought in planning, our unique and precious remaining wilderness habitats can absorb and readjust to these.’
    • ‘As might have been suspected, small is beautiful in the eyes of scientists and engineers.’
    • ‘Many companies have decided that small is beautiful.’
    • ‘For information professionals, small is beautiful.’
    • ‘The amounts of money involved are not enormous, compared with the resources available to the big international players, but small is beautiful.’
    • ‘In his eyes small is beautiful - in fact the smaller the better.’