Meaning of serially in English:


Pronunciation /?s??r??li/

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  • 1In a series or sequence.

    ‘his stories were published serially in periodicals’
    • ‘serially numbered images’
    • ‘The move to serially connected storage devices, primarily disk drives, is irrefutable.’
    • ‘Each was serially deployed in relation to the predicated condition.’
    • ‘A sequence activity contains a list of activities that are to be executed serially.’
    • ‘Only then can the full and incremental backups be serially restored.’
    • ‘Both singly and serially, the paintings emit a lively intensity.’
    • ‘Through six figures shown, serially, in the nine different male-female pairings possible to them, it explores the world of intimate, exclusive bonds.’
    • ‘Theoretically, he should be writing serially.’
    • ‘This is particularly effective in SANs, as several interconnected servers can share tape devices serially.’
    • ‘Although the vests are ready-made and arranged serially, their psychic value and relation to loss is obvious, making them more akin to found objects.’
    • ‘Each brain was serially sectioned in the coronal plane at a thickness of 8 micrometers, mounted on a gelatin-coated glass slide, then stained with hematoxylin-eosin.’
  • 2In a way that repeatedly follows a characteristic, predictable behaviour pattern.

    ‘a specialist who serially abused the trust of vulnerable patients’
    • ‘serially offending drug addicts’
    • ‘He is a hand puppet who serially murders.’
    • ‘He serially questions the assumptions of photographic representation, inquiring whether photographs are faithful representations of the world.’
    • ‘He does and doesn't want to marry, as he serially observes his friends' conjugal problems and dallies with three fetching bachelorettes.’
    • ‘It's a string of 12 pubs that the natives visit serially, in the time-honoured tradition of binge drinking.’
    • ‘Someone who believes the allegations is a forensic psychiatrist and medical historian who's looked closely at doctors who serially kill their patients.’
    • ‘He has been too badly let down by the PM's serially broken promises to hand over power.’
    • ‘As a cross-dressing, serially pierced, tattoo-laden celebrity athlete, he has set an X-Men-level standard for cultural mutation.’
    • ‘She serially blames the failure of our forces to uncover weapons of mass destruction on chaos, flawed intelligence, looting, and shortages of everything from gasoline to soap.’
    • ‘Who could believe this man when his government serially exercises its power of veto to prevent numerous UN resolutions against atrocities perpetuated upon these people?’
    • ‘You should have been protecting your daughters, not serially abusing them.’