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‘Not always, but very often, these costs - hundreds of thousands of dollars - are recoupable against the artist's share of the record royalties.’
  • ‘Two thirds of the grant aid the Council allocated under the scheme was recoupable from the State, he explained, and the remaining one third came from the local authority's own funding.’
  • ‘Forty per cent of the approved cost of water services for new residential development sites is recoupable by local authorities from my department under this initiative.’
  • ‘He suggested that perhaps the Government could make the grant aid 100% recoupable from the Department of Environment.’
  • ‘The band gets $200,000 in tour support, which is 100 percent recoupable.’
  • ‘Cllr Michael Abbey asked if the cost of half a million was recoupable or would the council have to bear the brunt of the entire cost.’