Meaning of phantasmagoric in English:


Pronunciation /?fantazm??ɡ?r?k/

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See phantasmagoria

‘These scenes of retrieval of the past are presented as Jones's dreams or hallucinations, half-light phantasmagoric visions.’
  • ‘It's an unreal, phantasmagoric place, Ford's America: an unashamedly sublime, romantic, sinister spectacle.’
  • ‘Once Banks arrives in Shanghai, however, the story enters a more phantasmagoric world, and nightmarish and unreal events seem to occur.’
  • ‘Yet the realist vision shifts to the phantasmagoric, as spectator and spectacle undergo carnivalesque reversals and interpenetration, in their darkest and most violent manifestations.’
  • ‘It possessed a phantasmagoric nightmarish atmosphere, as you might have anticipated from a ballet inspired by Goya's gritty, bitter 18th century etchings Los Caprichos.’