Meaning of per diem in English:

per diem

Pronunciation /p?? ?di??m/


  • For each day (used in financial contexts)

    • ‘he agreed to pay at certain specified rates per diem’
    every day, seven days a week


  • Done, produced, or occurring each day (used in financial contexts)

    • ‘they are now demanding a per diem rate’


  • An allowance or payment made for each day.

    ‘per diems are still allowed for out-of-state legislators’
    • ‘The NHL wants to bring down the costs related to the players - salaries, bonuses, per diems, pensions, insurance coverage and other benefits.’
    • ‘The second segment was the premium quality market: lines with voyages of one or two weeks, per diems in the $250-300 area and diversified itineraries.’
    • ‘Companies are tightening their belts, and business travelers are looking for ways to maximize their per diems.’
    • ‘Funds were provided by my organization to support meetings, materials for initial start-up projects, health worker per diems, and salaries for some health staff to monitor activities.’
    • ‘Better late than never is a good definition for the new treatment of the per diems and business trip compensations to individuals being hired by companies on agreements different than standard employment.’


Early 16th century Latin.