Meaning of pebble in English:


Pronunciation /?p?bl/

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  • A small stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand.

    as modifier ‘a narrow pebble beach’
    • ‘We had sediments, river mud, pebbles rounded by water action, even the remains of aquatic plants on the site.’
    • ‘It's a lovely place and we walked across stepping stones and skimmed pebbles in the river.’
    • ‘They consist of particulate rocks that vary in size from sand to pebbles and cobbles.’
    • ‘And they even marked out the anniversary with a five-metre high message in stones and pebbles.’
    • ‘Weeds often cause problems so use an ornamental ground cover or spread pebbles or stone chips.’
    • ‘A simple bowl with river pebbles, water and floating candles are a nice decoration.’
    • ‘Stones and pebbles are dropped into the exposed corner of the hole, and thunder as they land.’
    • ‘What kid doesn't bring home interesting pebbles, or sand from the beach?’
    • ‘Scattered on the rocks around it is a rough circle of river smooth pebbles with holes in them.’
    • ‘Evelyn put the rest of her right foot into the lake to rest her feet on top of the smooth pebbles at the bottom.’
    • ‘I sat down and threw pebbles at the water's edge and all of a sudden heard a stifled laugh.’
    • ‘Rounded pebbles suggest that one or many rivers had run their course through the now-submerged region.’
    • ‘All the kid has to do is to collect some smooth pebbles, each around the size of his or her palm.’
    • ‘Doris spent the day throwing pebbles into dark water that absorbed every dream she ever had.’
    • ‘Birds were singing, in tune to the slow movement of water over the pebbles.’
    • ‘Paving stones and pebbles are set into the ground so you are not in danger of slipping on wet grass.’
    • ‘There was a tiny old Asian lady sitting on the beach putting pebbles in a metal bowl.’
    • ‘This is done with small stones or pebbles, or other convenient small objects.’
    • ‘There are rocks and pebbles, heaps of different tiny metallic things that resonate.’
    • ‘He gently shook the jar, and the sand fell through and settled where there was a space between the rocks and the pebbles.’
    rock, pebble, boulder


informal attributive
  • (of a spectacle lens) very thick and convex.

    • ‘pebble glasses’
    • ‘He was a small, bald man in his fifties with pebble glasses.’


    not the only pebble on the beach
    • (especially of a former lover) not unique or irreplaceable.


Late Old English, recorded as the first element of papel-stān ‘pebble-stone’, pyppelrīpig ‘pebble-stream’, of unknown origin. The word is recorded in place names from the early 12th century onwards.