Meaning of Parnassian in English:


Pronunciation /pɑ??nas??n/


  • 1 literary Relating to poetry; poetic.

    ‘Frequently, right-wing guardians of an elite art protest that the study of a broader visual culture sullies the Parnassian realm through contact with the everyday.’
    • ‘If all the poets in all those old magazines were set down in one Parnassian table of contents it would be at least as long as the list of the year's runners.’
    • ‘The director in films is a Parnassian figure, usually removed from the life of the set, his wishes or whims relayed to - oh ha.’
    • ‘In an essay called ‘Dividing Legacies,’ Geoffrey Hill is adamant that Eliot went soft, Parnassian, and that Four Quartets are too cozy and comforting, too obliging rather than challenging to the reader.’
    in verse, verse, metrical, rhythmical
  • 2Denoting a group of French poets of the late 19th century who emphasized strictness of form, named from the anthology Le Parnasse contemporain (1866)

    ‘the Parnassian movement’
    • ‘Fascinated by various exotic cultures, as were Parnassian poets Leconte de Lisle and Theophile Gautier, Gumilev turned to Africa, Persia, and the Far East in search of his subject matter.’
    • ‘Both Judith Gautier and Gumilev inherited the Parnassian cult of the artificial, as well as its contempt for the slavish imitation of nature in art.’
    • ‘Clearly, then, by the middle of the 1860s certain Chinese topoi had emerged in the poetry composed in Parnassian circles.’
    • ‘Mallarme's rejection of Parnassian formalism also mirrored Wilmarth's ambivalent relationship with Minimalism's formal and intellectual premises.’


  • A member of the Parnassian group of poets.

    ‘the poetic values of the Parnassians’
    • ‘The Parnassians contributed to the cultivation of this taste for chinoiserie.’
    • ‘The movement may be seen as a reaction against dominant realist and naturalist tendencies in literature generally and, in the case of poetry, against the descriptive precision and ‘objectivity’ of the Parnassians.’
    poet, versifier, verse-maker, rhymester, rhymer, sonneteer, lyricist, lyrist, elegist