Meaning of parabolic in English:


Pronunciation /?par??b?l?k/

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  • 1Of or like a parabola or part of one.

    ‘a parabolic mirror behind a spotlight projects a parallel beam’
    • ‘He also studied spherical and parabolic mirrors, and understood how refraction by a lens will allow images to be focused and magnification to take place.’
    • ‘A primary concave parabolic mirror converges the light to one focus of a concave ellipsoidal mirror.’
    • ‘The extracts quoted by Eutocius from Diocles’ On burning mirrors showed that he was the first to prove the focal property of a parabolic mirror.’
    • ‘Flown on a parabolic trajectory, this airplane can produce periods of microgravity for some twenty seconds.’
    • ‘The top of the cylinder was capped with a parabolic radio dish, which appeared to be made of cloth supported by a series of metal ribs.’
    legendary, mythical, mythic, mythological, fabulous, folkloric, fairy-tale, heroic, traditional
  • 2Of or expressed in parables.

    ‘parabolic teaching’
    • ‘Using parabolic teaching again, Jesus personifies the religious leaders as a son who says he'll work in his father's vineyard but is a no-show.’
    • ‘As we shall see, narrative parables are generally considered to be the most distinctive form of parabolic teaching used by Jesus.’


Late Middle English via late Latin from Greek parabolikos, from parabolē ‘application’ (see parabola).