Meaning of organoid in English:


Pronunciation /???ɡ?n??d/


Biology Medicine
  • An artificially grown mass of cells or tissue that resembles an organ.

    ‘the organoids continued to mature and were viable for three to four weeks after implantation’
    • ‘The test also measures the responses of all the individual cells in the organoid.’
    • ‘To grow larger brains, the stem cells would also have to differentiate into blood vessels to supply nutrients to the growing organoid.’
    • ‘Unlike a rodent, an organoid can't model behavior or complex interactions with other organs, for example.’
    • ‘The organoid structure became apparent about 20 to 30 days later.’
    • ‘Unlike the brain's organized structure, regions in the organoids were arranged haphazardly.’
    • ‘The new research provides a way for scientists to grow organoids from biopsy material, which is comparatively easy to obtain.’