Meaning of ocky in English:


Pronunciation /??ki/

nounplural noun ockies

informal Australian
  • An octopus.

    • ‘medium-sized ockies can get their tentacles into your craypots’
    • ‘"Oi, I'm off to pick up a turbofan engine for a Boeing 777; anyone seen me ocky straps?"’
    • ‘Moral of the story, never amputate an arm of an Ocky; if you catch one, it is better to use him as bait.’
    • ‘I went out in the boat on my own and pulled the ocky pots around 4pm.’
    • ‘Ocky, you eight-legged wonder of the deep, thanks for educating me and allowing me into your world.’
    • ‘Whatever it is down below is heavy and pulling it hard, hopefully not a fighting Ocky.’
    • ‘It is so good as a bait that it is not uncommon to catch four or five snapper on the same piece of ocky.’
    • ‘The ocky then reached toward a rock wall, took a firm foothold and a tug-of-war ensued.’
    • ‘Wouldn't you love to catch your own ocky and grow your own rice?’
    • ‘The fellow was saying that they catch a few ockies.’
    • ‘We dive in thick kelp forests in the cape and have often had ockies attach themselves onto us.’


1960s abbreviation of octopus.