Meaning of nointer in English:


Pronunciation /?n??nt?/

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informal Australian
  • (especially in Tasmania) a troublesome or annoying person or thing, in particular a mischievous child.

    • ‘we laughed hysterically and generally behaved like puerile nointers’
    • ‘“You come with me, you young nointer,” said Rudge.’
    • ‘Mrs Hoare, of Watlington, calls her grandchild a "'nointer" when she is troublesome and restless.’
    • ‘Nervous systems are tricky little nointers!’
    • ‘As for the kids, could getting the little nointers trackside be a way of propping up the state's struggling racing industry?’
    • ‘When little boys were being troublesome, here they were called "nointers".’
    • ‘"Mum's a Virgo too and I'm a..." She looks to me for the answer. “A nointer,” I laugh.’
    • ‘Hush, hush my Boy, you don't want t' be a Nointer and give the game away.’
    • ‘Did you ever see such a nointer in all your born days?’
    • ‘Older generations typically criticize nointers, for their clothes, the music they listen to, the way they speak and the things they do.’
    • ‘Having to deal with other little nointers might give him more of an idea of how negative behaviour impacts upon others.’


Late 19th century originally English dialect, from anointer ‘person who deserves an anointing’, i.e. a beating.