Meaning of nibblies in English:


plural noun

informal mainly Australian
  • Small savoury snacks, especially when served with drinks at parties.

    • ‘people can talk to the artists and enjoy free nibblies’
    • ‘Hats off to Mark and the gang for organizing a first class cocktail reception with nibblies.’
    • ‘Registration for the event is only $25 and includes golf fees, lunch, and nibblies to coincide with the presentation at 5 pm.’
    • ‘In the afternoon when I start to feel a bit hungry, I have a platter of nibblies like olives, sun dried tomatoes, and various dips.’
    • ‘Before the meal, of course, came the nibblies.’
    • ‘I sat down, drank my beverage, ate my fruit nibblies, and read the entertainment gossip.’
    • ‘It was intended to be a house party for well-heeled, fashion-conscious ladies in the eastern suburbs, eating nibblies, gossiping, and perusing fake luxury handbags.’
    • ‘Susan's party is a very civilised do with wine and nibblies.’
    • ‘Those little nibblies are so spicy and scrumptious, they deserve to be eaten piping hot and crispy.’
    • ‘We got together with picnic rugs and pillows, and a smorgasbord of great nibblies.’
    • ‘He shakes hand after hand as waiters swan about with trays of nibblies and goblets of champagne.’
    light meal, something to eat, sandwich, supper, treat, refreshments, nibbles, canapés, titbit, titbits



/?n?b?l?z/ /?n?bl?z/