Meaning of nerk in English:


Pronunciation /n??k/


informal British
  • A foolish, objectionable, or insignificant person.

    • ‘you little nerk’
    • ‘Unusually in a British sitcom, Fletch is not a fool; although he is occasionally outdone, we respect him for his sharp wits and his refusal to ‘let the nerks grind you down’.’
    • ‘No, as usual, my ire is reserved for the utterly inhuman nerks who work in marketing.’
    • ‘Homeless wasters and smelly drug addled nerks who have done nothing with their free education, insisted upon by the state, and who have abused such education as they have had, and their basic nous, enough to end up in the gutter in one of the richest societies the world has ever seen, are not getting one iota of sympathy from me.’
    • ‘Being the band who arguably stole Summer Wave from under the noses of chart bothering pop-punk nerks Son Of The Dork, expectations were understandably high tonight and the band started off their set by saying they had only practiced twice for this show and so might be a little rusty.’
    idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod


1950s of uncertain origin; compare with nerd and jerk.