Meaning of mundowie in English:


Pronunciation /m?n?da?i/


  • 1Australian informal A footstep.

    • ‘we was runnin' too hard to hear anything but our mundowies’
    • ‘The bending of a few blades of grass, the fresh turning of the smallest stone, denoted "blackfellow mundowie", and when the imprint of a foot was caught in soft ground or sand it was at once pronounced as Charley's.’
    • ‘You no make a light mundowie along with grass!’
    • ‘We saw tracks about a mile from the hole, and though the big, splayed ‘mundowies’ meant nothing to me, Pebble could read them like a printed page.’
    1. 1.1A foot.
      • ‘I froze me mundowies off, bringin' in the cows’
      • ‘The length of a 'foot' was standardised from the size of someone's 'mundowie' to 12 inches.’
      • ‘Are you telling me to get my mundowies off the seat?’
      • ‘He squatted, hams on heels, the toes of his mundowies gripping the ground.’
      • ‘I'm would rather have my bare mundowies firmly planted on the warm Australian dirt.’


Early 19th century Australian pidgin, perhaps from Dharuk manuwi ‘foot’, or Awabakal manduwang ‘foot’.