Meaning of mugaccino in English:


Pronunciation /m?ɡ??t?i?n??/

nounplural noun mugaccinos, plural noun mugachinos

(also mugachino)
informal Australian
  • A cappuccino coffee served in a mug.

    • ‘these cookies are great with a mugaccino’
    • ‘"Mugachino. Lots of froth, please," Margaret says to the waiter.’
    • ‘You simply follow the line of dead-eyed wage slaves attracted by the promise that a new phone will fix their punctured souls and jumbo caramel mugachinos will fill their gaping caverns of disappointment.’
    • ‘I decided to treat myself a mugachino and to buy some cigarettes.’
    • ‘From a coffee machine, he made John a rich mugacino.’
    • ‘“Would you like a short black, long black, flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, caffe latte, ice coffee or a mugacino?” the waitress at the airport restaurant asked.’
    • ‘That idiot next to you is on the phone, or doing his nails, and stirring his mugachino grande, and paying no attention to the road at all.’
    • ‘Tania is impressed with her half strength mugachino and Sim says that her skinny hot chocolate is delicious and not too sweet.’
    • ‘My bleak looking Tuesday was brightened by a delicious mugachino, amazing chorizo omelette, and amazing service from very friendly staff.’
    • ‘Any coffee referred to as a mugacino is forbidden.’
    • ‘They have the usual trendy drinks such as lattes, mugacino, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, and cafe con leche, but where's the tea?’


1990s blend of mug and cappuccino.